Haute Thoughts by Heidi Dillon: DON’T STOP DRESSING UP!

Originally Published by Snob Essentials. December, 2008

While dismal economic news has chastened most of us and lavish spending has become unpopular in certain circles, let’s not let these dark times prevent us from enjoying what we have this holiday season and, please, let’s not let it stop us from looking our best when we go out. Even if you haven’t purchased any new cocktail pieces, I know that you all have them in your closet, so, by all means, wear them. Get dressed up. It’s OK.

Two weeks ago I attended two holiday parties in Dallas. The first was to celebrate the launch of the new Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. Since Rolls Royce represents the epitome of luxury in the auto industry (surpassed only by Bugatt at $1,000,000), and the guests were all people who theoretically could afford the $425,000 price tag, I expected to see everyone decked out in full holiday splendor. I wore an incredible pair of black sequined karate-style pants by Proenza Schouler with a simple black cashmere top and some killer Fendi satin shoes with 51/2 heels -all topped off with an old, but very dear, mink coat. (jump for more!)

My friends at Cartier were there showcasing some beautiful pieces from their newest jewelry collection, adding yet another layer of luxury to the evening. Sadly, only myself and maybe two other women were dressed for the occasion. The rest of the crowd looked as drab as a board meeting at IBM. After I downed a couple glasses of Ruinart champagne, the people at Park Place Rolls Royce unveiled the the new Phantom Coupe which is truly a beautiful piece of automotive artistry.

Our next stop was at my favorite Dallas store, FortyFiveTen (that’s where I bought my great sequined pants). Owner Brian Bolke brought in Kelly Klein to sign her new gigantic picture book, Horses and jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald who makes incredible pieces from geodes and diamonds. While her things are a bit pricey, her work has an understated, bohemian look that I like – not at all the in-your-face bling that really does seem gauche right now. Being one of Dallas’ fashion gurus, Brian’s parties usually inspire people to put their best fashion foot forward, however that was not the case last evening. One friend of mine who I can usually count on to show up in the latest Lanvin cocktail number was sporting a Rick Owens jacket and a pair if jeans. While Rick is the coolest of the cool, my friend’s outfit would have been perfect for a chic lunch at the latest sushi place but really missed the mark for a holiday soiree. Looking around the room got me a little depressed. My friend wasn’t the only one to embrace the new dressing down trend. All of my gay boyfriends were coveting my outfit, but apparently I really stood out because an editor from Paper City asked me “you’re so dressed up. Where are you going tonight?” I replied “it’s Christmas in Dallas. We are supposed to be dressed up”.

As for New Year’s Eve festivities tomorrow night, don’t hold back– go all out and dress up like it’s 1999!


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