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Young women have it made in more ways than one. With their perfectly smooth lips, it’s a simple matter for them to apply even the darkest of goth lip colors in a nano-second, and run out of the house confident that their lipstick will not seep into the nether regions beyond their vermillion border.

Once a girl gets into her 50s and beyond, she needs to commit to spending a little more time ensuring that her pout doesn’t peregrinate. Now, please understand that I certainly don’t expect you lovely ladies to use this technique while readying yourself for your routine, day-to-day activities. However, if you want to really have your lip game on point for a big night out, here’s what to do:

1. Use a freshly sharpened lip pencil to carefully draw the outline of your lip. Here is where you can begin to do a little cheating. Most of us do not have perfectly symmetrical lips, or we would like our lips to be a little fuller. In either case, take a close look in the mirror and decide where you would like to add or subtract. Don’t go overboard and take it to drag race territory.

2. Apply a matte liquid lipstick to the back of your hand or palette (OCC Lip TarAnastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick or Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge are all good choices).

3. Take a good lip brush, dip in the product, and begin to carefully fill in your lips. This is a case where it is definitely okay to stay inside the lines. Liquid lipstick takes a minute to set, so let it dry and see if you need to apply any more. Don’t go too heavy; you want full coverage, not caking and cracking.

4. The younger crowd can get away with leaving the liquid lipsticks matte if they like. However, it’s usually not a good look for my older girls as it can quickly go from gorgeous to grotesque. I recommend applying a touch of lip gloss at this point. Remember, you are going for dewy, not gooey, so use gloss sparingly. Also, too much gloss will cause your lip color to run.

5. At this point you probably have some little messes outside of your lip line. Even if you have used red or a dark color, you can erase all of your mistakes without leaving a pink halo around your lips. Simply put a drop of your foundation on the back of your hand and grab a small, flat, synthetic brush. Dip the brush in product and dab on the spot you want to erase. Wipe the brush off and go back to pick up the foundation. You will see that the spot is gone! Now, wipe your brush again and continue to define the area around your vermillion border with the foundation. Take your time with this step making sure that there is a nice, crisp edge to the lip color.

6. Now your will need to set the foundation around your lip with a powder. Clean off your small brush and dip into powder of your choice and carefully place around your lip. Take it slow. If you get bit of powder on the lip color, just go back in with a tiny dab of color and correct.

This should help prevent your lipstick from bleeding into those vertical lines that some of us get around our lips. The liquid lip colors should last all night unless you eat a bunch of oily food. You can take your small brush and powder compact with you to do small touch-ups if necessary.

P.S. Even my jaded, cynical, hawk-eyed 18-year-old son who knows everything said after the first time I did this on myself, “Wow, Mom, that looks gorgeous!” There is no higher praise.

OCC Lip Tar (at Sephora for $18)

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder (at Sephora for $38)

NARS Precision Brush Lip #30  (at Sephora for $26)

Laura Mercier Lip Pencil (at Sephora for $23)

OCC Stained Gloss (at Sephora for $18)

Heidi Dillon has lived in Dallas for the past 21 years and is, frankly, over it. So a few years ago she founded, together with a couple of Hollywood producer-types, a television production company that cranks out “unscripted” stuff. Last summer, while vacationing with her family in Malibu, her little company was experiencing a lull in activity, so she decided to become a makeup artist. Fortunately, LA is close to Malibu, and LA is an epicenter for the top makeup artists in the world. One thing lead to another, and she ended up getting some training from Scott Barnes. She was hooked and has since been on a tear to learn everything she can about makeup artistry. Recently she attended an intensive training course at MakeupForever Academy in New York.

Heidi is 62 and knows she doesn’t look it. She has a generous and patient husband, a Nordic hunk of a son who is 18 and a Labradoodle named Ralph.

Addicted To Lashes

As you age, your eyeballs sink into your head. Notwithstanding the eyeball thing, getting old is actually one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love the fact that I have lived long enough to have had a wealth of experiences and have arrived at a place of complete self-acceptance and authenticity. I know who I am, I know who you are and I don’t have to take an ounce of crap from anyone. It’s a beautiful place to be, and I pray that you all make it there one day.

Although this old age thing is beautiful on the inside, the cruel signs of aging are super annoying. The good news is that we live in a time when there are a ton of tricks we can use, that do not require the use of knives, to make ourselves look younger.

My eyelash addiction started when I realized that my eyes were taking on a ghoulish appearance because they were sinking into my head. I went and had a few fillers to plump up the tissue around my eyes, and then buckled down and forced myself to become proficient at applying strip lashes. You see, a full set of lashes really pulls your eyes out, making them look bigger, wider, brighter, younger and sexier. Of course, I went down the road of lash extensions which are great in some ways, but I’m not a huge fan. I’m a picker, so I would end up picking at the little nib while watching TV and end up with no lashes. I suppose if you’re the type who doesn’t suffer from compulsive behavior, you might be okay – providing that you have a top-notch technician.

It takes a minute (more like a year in my case) to get good at putting strip lashes on yourself. But once you get the technique down, you’ll be hooked. Below are the steps and a few tips:

1. Close one eye and look in a mirror, magnifying if necessary. With your finger, feel the little ridge that is where your lashes grow out of your lid. This is where you are going to place them. Any lower and they will be on you lashes; any higher and they will be on your lid and look jankey.

2. Make sure the lash fits your eye. Try it on before you apply glue and then trim if necessary.

3. Hold a lash strip in a tweezer or your fingertips, and apply glue to the side of the lash that will be on your eye. I like Callas Lash Adhesive (on Amazon for $6.95) because it doesn’t take time to set up like Duo and it comes with an applicator brush.

4. Close your eye, bring the lash in from above and apply to that little ridge I just mentioned.

5. The corners will probably be sticking out, so with your finger or tweezers, position the inner and outer corners.

6. Now you can squeeze them together with your natural lashes to make sure that they are one.

7. If you screwed it up, peel them off and start over.

You can pay anywhere from $1 for synthetic to $50+ for mink. Some of my favorite brands are Ardell – inexpensive, lots of styles, Flutter Lashes – they have mink, fox and synthetic, Velour Lashes – mink, House of Lashes – human hair and synthetic, Blinking Beauté – mink, and Ja’Maal Buster – human hair.

Here are the answers to some questions that you may have:

Should you curl your lashes first? Probably.

Should you curl the false lashes? Maybe. It depends on your natural lashes.

Can you sleep in your lashes? Yes, but don’t.

Can you reuse your lashes? Yes. Pick the glue off (this is kind of fun), spray them with rubbing alcohol and store them in the box they came in.

Will you ever get the hang of it? Yes. Keep practicing.

The 20-Second Lip – Snob Essentials

While statement lips are huge right now, I don’t want you guys don’t feel like I expect you to spend 20 minutes on your lip look every day. I mean, I’m just as lazy as the next person, but even if I’m going to exercise class and/or haven’t bathed or washed my hair for a while, I still have to put on a full face before I leave the house. So here are a few pointers and products that I like for a quick and easy 20-second lip.

Matte lips have been enjoying another big moment recently, but they never really go completely out of style. Everyone loves the longevity and versatility of a good matte. Because they are highly pigmented, they last a long time, and you can apply and leave it as is, add a touch of gloss, or use your finger to press it on for a natural, stained lip look.

My all-time favorite mattes are in the wind-up lipstick pencil category. These babies are so great because they are lip pencils and lipsticks all in one. Usually the tips have nice shapes that hug your lip and make it easier for you to not create a total mess on your mouth. Just remember to apply them in a way that keeps the tip shape intact. The formulas are buildable and are somewhat moisturizing so they feel comfortable even on old, dried-up lips like mine. Also, there is a price point to fit everyone’s budget.

My current fave is the Lorac Pro matte lip color (at Nordstrom for $16). When it first came on the market, I bought every color. I don’t actually use every color, but I guess I just have a small shopping problem.

If you would rather spend your money on a glass of champagne instead of on a lipstick, try the e.l.f Studio matte lip color for $3. Some other good ones are the Inglot AMC lip pencil (on Inglot for $12) and the Swedish brand IsaDora’s Twist-Up Matt lips that I found on eBay for $20. The most expensive one, Surratt Beauty Automatique lip crayon, is available at Sephora for $34.

Original Article published in Snob Essentials
By Heidi Dillon
June 15, 2015

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I have been a makeup enthusiast since the days of Twiggy. In the eighth grade my mother finally allowed me to start wearing a little makeup. She actually meant “a little”, but having a “take everything to the next level” type of personality, I dove right in and, much to my mother’s chagrin, started doing full Twiggy drag.

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In her book, You’ll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again, Julia Phillips describes Goldie Hawn’s hair as “stringy”. In the 70s stringy hair was considered vert declasse in certain circles; today women are forgoing daily shampooing and spending big bucks on dry shampoos and style extending sprays to get that look.