Addicted To Lashes

As you age, your eyeballs sink into your head. Notwithstanding the eyeball thing, getting old is actually one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love the fact that I have lived long enough to have had a wealth of experiences and have arrived at a place of complete self-acceptance and authenticity. I know who I am, I know who you are and I don’t have to take an ounce of crap from anyone. It’s a beautiful place to be, and I pray that you all make it there one day.

Although this old age thing is beautiful on the inside, the cruel signs of aging are super annoying. The good news is that we live in a time when there are a ton of tricks we can use, that do not require the use of knives, to make ourselves look younger.

My eyelash addiction started when I realized that my eyes were taking on a ghoulish appearance because they were sinking into my head. I went and had a few fillers to plump up the tissue around my eyes, and then buckled down and forced myself to become proficient at applying strip lashes. You see, a full set of lashes really pulls your eyes out, making them look bigger, wider, brighter, younger and sexier. Of course, I went down the road of lash extensions which are great in some ways, but I’m not a huge fan. I’m a picker, so I would end up picking at the little nib while watching TV and end up with no lashes. I suppose if you’re the type who doesn’t suffer from compulsive behavior, you might be okay – providing that you have a top-notch technician.

It takes a minute (more like a year in my case) to get good at putting strip lashes on yourself. But once you get the technique down, you’ll be hooked. Below are the steps and a few tips:

1. Close one eye and look in a mirror, magnifying if necessary. With your finger, feel the little ridge that is where your lashes grow out of your lid. This is where you are going to place them. Any lower and they will be on you lashes; any higher and they will be on your lid and look jankey.

2. Make sure the lash fits your eye. Try it on before you apply glue and then trim if necessary.

3. Hold a lash strip in a tweezer or your fingertips, and apply glue to the side of the lash that will be on your eye. I like Callas Lash Adhesive (on Amazon for $6.95) because it doesn’t take time to set up like Duo and it comes with an applicator brush.

4. Close your eye, bring the lash in from above and apply to that little ridge I just mentioned.

5. The corners will probably be sticking out, so with your finger or tweezers, position the inner and outer corners.

6. Now you can squeeze them together with your natural lashes to make sure that they are one.

7. If you screwed it up, peel them off and start over.

You can pay anywhere from $1 for synthetic to $50+ for mink. Some of my favorite brands are Ardell – inexpensive, lots of styles, Flutter Lashes – they have mink, fox and synthetic, Velour Lashes – mink, House of Lashes – human hair and synthetic, Blinking Beauté – mink, and Ja’Maal Buster – human hair.

Here are the answers to some questions that you may have:

Should you curl your lashes first? Probably.

Should you curl the false lashes? Maybe. It depends on your natural lashes.

Can you sleep in your lashes? Yes, but don’t.

Can you reuse your lashes? Yes. Pick the glue off (this is kind of fun), spray them with rubbing alcohol and store them in the box they came in.

Will you ever get the hang of it? Yes. Keep practicing.


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